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As It Turns Out, Young Tom Hardy Was A Hottie


I don’t know why, but the internet, especially Twitter, has this obsession with actors when they were young. They’re heartthrobs now, and they were even bigger ones back when they were very young. The main subjects of this fad always seems to be Leo DiCaprio or Johnny Depp, and rightfully so because Leo has one of the finest faces we’ve ever seen, even today, and you can tell me all you want about male models but no one, I repeat, no one will be able to match Johnny’s jawline, now or then.

And now you can add another actor to that list, and that’s Tom Hardy.

The 39-year-old actor and producer, who hails from Hammersmith, located on the western side of London, is definitely a badass personality these days, landing equally badass roles as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises and Mad Max in the 2015 series sequel, Mad Max: Fury Road.

But while he may be a badass macho man dude these days, he was quite a hottie back when he was young.

As It Turns Out, Young Tom Hardy Is A Hottie 1

One of the criterias he fulfills is big lips


Something about these actors always posing with a cigarette

I’m not one for smoking, but they just seem to enhance photoshoots so much.


He got the facial definitions right

He had a lot of hair back in those days too.


Looking in the distance

Don’t think I really need to say anything more. He was definitely a hottie back then.


I mean, he still is now

But he was even more so back then.


Sharp look


What’s that over there?

I can imagine that’s what he’s asking.




That stare is killer

Not sure about the golden necklace though


The necklaces seem to be a theme here


Interesting shirt choice


He looks good with all types of hair


He got all the accessories

By that I mean the booze bottle.


He still has that good looking jawline

But as I said before, he has nothing on Johnny Depp.



Speaking of long hair…


And there’s of course, the MySpace photos that got leaked

This became a major subject of ridicule on the internet, and this is not his best form to say the least.


How would you feel about a Tom Hardy that’s bald and has a mustache?

I don’t know if I’m feeling it.


This looks like a completely different person


Source: 9gag

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