From X Factor Almost To Eurovision: Watch Olivia Garcia Tear Up On Stage When She Hears Simon’s Critique


Olivia Garcia is a 17-year-old talented young girl from Wigan, England. Last year she appeared on The X Factor as a shy little girl wanting to impress the judges, and it was an important year for her because she has made it from the show to the Eurovision song contest. Her song Never Give Up On You did not win, but this young beauty made her way to fame, even though it wasn’t always a path paved with gold.

Let’s take a look at her story from the moment she came in front of the judges on X Factor. Simon Cowell is a notoriously tough judge. But that’s why his remarks and comments are so important to the contestants. Simon gives genuine comments, and he does not pretend in front of the contestants.

2016 was a difficult year for Simon, as he had a lot of difficult decisions to make in the 6 Chair Challenge. He was the one who had to decide about the final six contestants on the show.

That’s when we start seeing Olivia’s turn on the stage. She is about to take the stage, but realizes that all of the 6 chairs are occupied. Although feeling a bit nervous and confused, she promises to make Simon and the rest of the judges proud.

Olivia 1

Olivia starts singing and nothing is the same anymore. It becomes obvious even from the first notes that Olivia wins the stage with her incredible voice.

Olivia 2

The audience is thrilled and emotional as she reaches the end of her song. The judges are also excited to see the outcome.

Olivia 3

Now Simon has to decide whether she will continue the show or will have to say goodbye.

Olivia 4

But we’re not spoiling anymore, this one, you gotta see for yourself.

Watch the whole video below to find out:


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