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This is the world’s most desirable face, according to plastic surgeons


The London-based doctor has kept a list of the most popular features his patients have requested over the past decade, including Angelina Jolie’s cheeks, Selena Gomez’s chin, Reese Witherspoon’s skin, Duchess Catherine’s nose, Penelope Cruz’s lip and Keira Knightley’s eyelids. .  He recently made a composite showing what all these features look like when you combine them into what he calls “the perfect face”. Check the picture below:


A lot of patients will go in there and will show you a picture of a famous person and say ” I want to look exactly like that”- Dr. De Silva told The Mirror. Obviously his job is to look at their facial proportions and advice whether it will look good on them after the surgery. Still, it’s fascinating to see which features people are requesting the most. Our only question: What would the “most desirable face” look like for men? Hopefully we will find that out soon.


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