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Woman Falls In Love With Trainer Who Helped Her Walk Again After Husband Leaves Her


Wedding vows say that we will be here for our partner ”For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health’. We wrote once about a couple that decided to make their parents renew their vows on the day of their children’s wedding, but not all weddings end up with happy marriages.

The 14 years that Riona Kelly spent with her husband were not enough for him to stay by her side after she was left paralyzed from the waist down. Her husband asked for a divorce five days after 37-year-old Kell suffered a spinal stroke. But, her battle was not over. She found happiness and her life changed tremendously. It was all because of love.

Riona Kelly from Halifax, West Yorkshire, was left speechless after her tragedy.

Her then-husband, Richard, claims that he told her he wanted a divorce the morning before she suffered the stroke. He also stated that he looked after their children and visited his now ex-wife while she was in the hospital.

Six weeks have passed, but she was still unable to walk. The doctors then said that she will probably never walk again. However, she was determined to prove her doctors wrong and decided to reach to her friends on Facebook. he asked fif anybody could recommend a good personal trainer.

That’s when she was put in contact with 35-year-old former rugby league player Keith Mason. Ms Kelly and the former rugby player had a few training sessions and only then did she make her first steps. And she did it on the parallel bar just two weeks after doctors had told her that would be impossible.

“I was dragging my body and I had no feeling in my legs but I didn’t care,” she remembered. “I was walking and that’s all that mattered. My consultant was very emotional, he couldn’t believe I had done it with the help of a standing frame.”

“Every day I built up my strength,” she continues, “and after four months in hospital, I was finally allowed to go home. It took me 25 minutes to get up 16 steps, and the same time to come back down again, but I was determined to do it for my children.”

After her successful recovery, Mr. Mason asked her out for a coffee, and they began dating. A new romance was born.

“I just couldn’t believe a gorgeous rugby player wanted to date me,” she explained for the media. “Keith says I inspire him, but he encourages me every day.”

Ms Kelly actually completed two marathons with the help of her wheelchair. Her life changed completely.

“After my stroke, I thought my life was over – but it has opened so many wonderful doors,” she adds. “I’ve signed up with Models of Diversity and have just landed my first TV commercial.”

Words: Mischa Pearlman
Featured Image Credit: Caters

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