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Woman Shares Hotel Room With Her Horse Thanks To Lax Pet Policy


Hotels usually don’t allow pets like dogs and cats, let alone a horse. However, there are some hotel owners that love animals just as much as you do, and they will allow your furry friend to stay with you even if it’s twice your size. The animals can sleep comfortably in your hotel room for a change, and you won’t have to spend the cold night alone in your car. In fact, how incredibly considerate is that?

A woman called Lindsey Partridge is a founder of an organization devoted to helping riders and horses connect with each other better. She was on her way to the Retired Racehorse Project’s Thoroughbred Makeover in Kentucky with not one, but three of her horses when she made a stop at a Supreme 8 hotel in Georgetown, KY.

source:Lindsey Partridge

When she saw a dog in the lobby, Lindsey joked that she had some horses outside in the trailer.

“The receptionist said, ‘Oh, I don’t care. Sure, bring them in.'”

The hotel obviously did not mind if the guests bring their pets with them. Probably it wasn’t the first time and they had their fair share of animals visiting the hotel. Just maybe not horses.

source:Facebook | Lindsey Partridge

All Lindsey had to do was pay not more that $10 pet fee, and she was allowed to take her horse Blizz inside her room. How awesome is that? They can watch TV together. And order pizza and carrots.

The staff members found the whole thing interesting and amusing.

source:Facebook | Lindsey Partridge

The owner of the hotel said that their pet policy is meant for animals 25 pounds or less, but they didn’t mind making an exception this once.
How could they not? Horses are so adorable, they can chill in the room with Lindsey or even find a cat from the neighbors to play with. Wishing all hotels were pet-friendly.

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In conclusion, the trip was successful. All three of Lindsey’s horses did amazingly well at the makeover event!

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