Check Out This Woman's Amazing Transformation

Check Out This Woman’s Amazing Transformation


‘I thought I was garbage’-says a woman who suffered with obesity for years, before undergoing a total transformation. She used to eat food as an escape from her shattered emotional state caused by her parents’ divorce and abandonment.

Camila Coelho Nery, 29, spent years and years trying to battle her emotional addiction to food. She tipped the scales at 201lbs, before eventually coming to the deciding she had to change something.

She spent a year and a half working out and eating healthy, and has now decided to reveal her incredibly hot figure at 130 lbs with toned abs and defined muscles.

What made the dieting process even more difficult was the fact that her whole family wasn’t supportive and dramatically criticized her diet and work out plan.

However, today she is an example and inspiration for over 3000 followers on Instagram. She advises them to always address the core of the problem, before deciding on a weight loss lifestyle.

Camila, a native of Brazil, was left heartbroken and in a very difficult emotional state when her parents separated while she was just a child. She lived with her granny through her developmental years.

And it wasn’t as bad as it sounds, until she actually turned to food as a way of comfort. The fact that she used to eat as a way of coping with her emotional distress made things worse. She reached a whopping 201lbs in a very short time.

Many of Camila’s closest friends say they can hardly believe she looks like this today! After she lost more than 70lbs in just one year, she is now slim at 130lbs with defined abs and a vibrant smile. That life-changing decision paid off after all. What made her change her lifestyle was the day she went into a store and she couldn’t fit into any clothes. At that point, her usual calorie intake was more than 5000 calories a day. She was a size 20.


Camila Coelho Nery, of Brazil, used food as a way of comfort through her emotional battle with her parents’ divorce and being forced to live with her grandmother.


Now that’s a transformation! Look at those abs and defined muscles. She now weighs in at 130lbs, after making a life-changing decision to lose weight.


She admitted that she was in a denial concerning her weight problems. The moment she realized this was when she couldn’t fit into any new clothes. This happened during a short shopping trip for the perfect shorts for a New Year’s party.

‘I went to a clothing shop and I went to the dressing room to try on the clothes but no clothes fit me. I cried a lot. It was a horrible feeling, but inside, I knew I needed to change,’ she said.

Camila added: ‘I believe I neglected myself. It seems like I closed my eyes and forgot to take care of myself. I made many excuses about my weight’

She tried to comfort herself by saying that everyone else was the problem.

‘I did not face reality; in my thinking, everyone was guilty for me being obese, except me. I thought I was garbage. I had no clothes that fit,’ she added.

The obesity problem became much worse when it actually started giving her health issues. She had problems breathing and was often tired. Eventually, it hurt her self esteem.

‘I was also in poor health and I often woke up during the night with a shortness of breath. I liked myself, but I suffered from my fat body,’ she shared.

She realized she had to change in order to become better. So she did! Today she limits herself to 1,400 calories a day. Soon afterwards, she hit the gym to build up her muscle and tone her body.


What a transformation! She realized she had to address the core problem of eating before she decided on a diet plan.


Today she looks totally different. Her belly is flat, she has muscular arms and defined abs. And she looks pretty confident, too!


She reveals: ‘I am much more confident and I truly love myself now’.

Camila admits that the most difficult part was changing her relationship with food, and starting to realize that instead of using it as an emotional crutch, it could be moderated nourishment.

She said: ‘I lost weight messing up my relationship with food. I started exercising quite often and tried to balance my mindset. I began to understand that food is just food and that eating it will not solve my problems,’

‘After I lost weight, my life changed dramatically, because going through this process made me a stronger woman. Today I feel capable of fulfilling any dream I desire,’ she added.

Her biggest advice is not to deprive yourself of what you enjoy.

‘I am much more confident and I truly love myself; I know I can do anything I want. I completely changed my diet, but I did not stop eating food,’ she added. ‘Daily, I would eat healthy food but once a week I get a treat. As for the physical activity, I compromised. I started working out practically every day’

She admitted that her family wasn’t very supportive: ‘I think the comments from some family members were bad. Many people started to criticize me because I was very focused on my goal,’

But wow! Today she is a true inspiration to her Instagram followers. Organization and strong belief in yourself is the key to confidence and slimming down into a great figure.


Her biggest advice is not to deprive yourself of what you enjoy.


Before: Although she liked her physical appearance, she had to admit that something was wrong.


Today: Amazing figure!


Thankfully, her 3,500 followers think differently from her unsupportive family. They admire her weight loss journey and strong will.

‘But most people praise me. Many people say they want to be like me and want to have my focus. A lot of people do not even believe that I got over it without any surgery,’ she explained.

‘Those who want to lose weight need to know what the reasons are that led them to gain the weight in the first place,’ she added. ‘Seek to understand the reasons; don’t make any excuses and face reality. Understand that the food does not solve the problem,’ she added.

Camila revealed that the key is good organization.

‘I would also say that the secret of diet is organization. You have to buy healthy food, take them wherever you go and create an exercise routine. Believe that it is possible and do the best you can for yourself and no one else,’ she shared.

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