14 Weirdest And Most Obscene People To Ever Walk The Isles Of Walmart

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All of you American readers I’m sure you go to Walmart quite often. It’s a good spot for bargains, and it’s the first place we go when we want to go shopping for groceries but we’re kinda short on cash.

However, as it turns out, Walmart is full of far stranger people than just normal, conventional American families (not that I’m trying to say that normal conventional American families are weird).

Here are the weirdest and most obscene people to ever walk the isles of Walmart.

1. Xena: Walmart Princess.

14 Weirdest And Most Obscene People To Ever Walk The Isles Of Walmart 1

I bet the kids that were in Walmart sitting on the shopping carts as they went by this lady have been scarred for life.

2. Someone, please give this lady some WiFi, her attitude needs to finish downloading

14 Weirdest And Most Obscene People To Ever Walk The Isles Of Walmart 2

Her jeans should also do the same if you ask me.

3. Honey Boo Boo, is that you?


That hair, though.

4. He’s hot

4. Flaming hot.

No, like, seriously, look at the flames on his outfit. He knows he wants to be hot, literally and figuratively.

5. She’s a regular irregular

5. She’s a regular irregular

6. I have three words to say about this

6. Don’t look at it for too long you may damage your eyes.

Those three words are Oh, God and Why. Throw a question mark at the end there as well.

7. Hurrrr don’t currr

7. Hurrrr don’t currr

Chewie is that you?

8. Can you tell what gender this is?

8. Not exactly sure what it is we’re looking at here…

Don’t ask this person. They might get offended.

9. Lady Gaga in WALMART?


This will be Lady Gaga when she turns 70, people.

10. Walmart – the perfect venue for a wedding

10. Walmart Wedding

Well, that’s what these people thought, anyway. I like how the guy is dressed in a white shirt. It’s giving me chef vibes.

11. Technology king

12. Technology king

I don’t even know what this guy was trying to achieve here. He was trying to combine all the best pieces of technology into one I guess. Innovative, though.

12. When you’re so sleepy, you forget to put on your jeans.

13. I think she forgot her jeans

13. This guy forgot to bring a pair of pants as well

14. Get out

Look, this would have worked if this person had a nice, toned, slim back, but they don’t. I get that people can wear anything they want, but this just attracts more attention.


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