Her Father Died Before Her Wedding And Her Brother Decided To Make Her A Surprise


Just before Andrea was going to get married to the man of her dreams, disaster struck and her father passed away from cancer before having the chance to walk his daughter down the aisle. Every woman can empathize with her since the wedding would be far from perfect without her dad. Anyways, this story still has a happy ending.

There is only one connection that could be stronger than daughter-father. It’s the bond between a brother and a sister and this was going to be proven. Andrea’s brother understood his sister’s pain and came up with a smart plan. He was going to make a surprise for his baby sister.

Since the bride was not able to have the traditional father and daughter dance, her brother came into action and decided to not let this moment pass. He recorded a special song for the occasion and offered the perfect soundtrack for what would be one of the most stirring moments of his sister’s life.

father 1

After the church ceremony, Andrea took the microphone and welcomed her granddad and brothers to dance with her one by one to share the dance with the bride in their father’s absence.

As you can imagine, there was not a single dry eye there. If you want to hear the song, then make sure to check out this amazing video. I am sure you will appreciate this touching moment for yourself.

Source:Michael LaFrance, goodfullness

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