This 2-Minute Waterfall Hairstyle Will Become Your Favorite This Summer


Sanjana Bansal is a New Delhi-based Youtube fashion and hairstyle guru. Her Youtube channel is called Hairstyle Diaries and has over 284,000 followers. Abundant with unique and inspiring hairstyles and fashion tips, videos range from everyday to formal occasions, and are far from ordinary. Also, a lot would agree that she gives perfect instructions for her tutorials. It has never been easier to start a change in your hair, and summer is the perfect time for it! In this video, Sanjana will show you how to make a cute waterfall hairstyle for the upcoming holiday season.

This hairstyle looks very beautiful, subtle and does not require a lot of effort. Plus, you only need two tic tac hairpins, a comb, and your magic fingers to do it.


1. Comb your hair neatly.

summer 1

2. Pick some hair from the top and some hair below it.

summer 2

3. Divide it into two sections: the front strand and the back strand.

summer 3

4. Take another strand of your hair and place it in the middle.

summer 4

Start braiding your hair. After braiding, keep the first strand in your mouth and take another section of hair. Repeat the process, leaving the other strand in your mouth again.

5. Repeat the process, leaving the other strand in your mouth again. Repeat for five to six times.

summer 5

6. Now rotate the strands together and secure them with tic tac pins at the back of your hair.

summer 6

7. Release the hair from your mouth and you’re done!

summer 7

Here you can watch the whole video on hot to do this summer hairstyle:

Source:Hairstyle Diaries

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