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A Third Of Vegetarians In The UK Admitted To Eating Meat While Drunk


Vegetarians and [especially] vegans are the talk of the media recently, but as it turns out for vegetarians specifically, one third of them have eaten meat when they’re drunk.


According to a survey that was ran by George Charles in the UK, approximately a third of all veggies plead guilty to grabbing something with meat in it as a snack after a great night out.

Around 39% of those studied said they ate kebab meat, while 34% admitted to eating beef burgers, 27% opted for bacon, 19% for fried chicken and 14% for sausages.


The remaining 69% admitted that they did have meat when they were drunk but they didn’t have the courage to tell their friends that they’d done so. Kinda hypocritical, if you ask me.

Charles, said: “I know a few vegetarians who sometimes crave meat, but it seems that a few are giving into their cravings when drunk. I think it’s important for friends of these ‘vegetarians’ to support them when drunk and urge them not to eat meat as I’m sure they regret it the next day.”

I know that vegetarians will always stick by their points and arguments regarding meat, but if you ask me, meat is not mass murder and indulging in dead creatures, meat is the best feast food and cash well spent!

Are you a vegetarian but are guilty of grabbing a bite of animal product when you had a field day at the pub? Share your stories in the comments!


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