Vampire Diaries Stars Phoebe Tonkin & Paul Wesley Have Parted Ways


Even though it doesn’t really affect us, we all get sad when we hear about another cute Hollywood couple calling it quits. I mean, you all know how sad the world was when Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt divorced, can’t forget to mention Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale.

Well, unfortunately, another break-up has surfaced.

We’re sad to announce that Paul Wesley and Phoebe Tonkin, who both starred in The Vampire Diaries, have parted ways

Apparently, 34-year-old Paul Wesley and 27-year-old Phoebe Tonkin have reportedly broken their relationship of four blissful years.


It’s especially sad when you remember that the Vampire Diaries finale is just around the corner.

A source told E! News that “they are still good friends. The relationship just ran its course.”


They first met on the set of the ultra popular TV series back in 2012, and they started dating the following summer.


The couple spent Christmas together in Sydney with Phoebe’s family in 2016, but since then, they haven’t been seen in public. Now we [think we] know why.

Happy Birthday @paulvedere ❤️ 🐱

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Jungle twins 😉

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Sad to see these two part ways after 4 years, but oh well, I guess that’s how it was meant to be.

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Well, at least you can look at things this way: the breakup opens the floodgates for those VD-obsessed teens who gush over the Salvatore brothers.


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