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25 Genius Uber Drivers Who Have Surprised Their Clients


It’s always lovely when you meet someone who clearly loves their job and is ready to go to any lengths to make sure they give it their absolute best. Especially when it’s an Uber driver who is determined to turn a regular, boring car drive into an amazing experience enhanced by a variety of commodities. From phone chargers to dogs, from snacks to gaming consoles, some drivers really can surprise you with their inventive ways to offer you a comfortable ride, and to bribe persuade you to give them that coveted five-star rating. There are many wonderful and hilarious stories on the Internet from people recounting their Uber adventures, and we would like to honor the sheer brilliance of these drivers by sharing with you this compilation of the best ones, courtesy of Bored Panda.

1. Relieve your stress by petting a super cute furball!


Source: Spookygothgrama

2. When she got back the purse she’d left in an Uber the day before, this lady found all the details of the adventures the purse had had with the driver captured on her phone.


Source: Dbarakh

3. Thanks for the heads-up!


Source: chumphreys20

4. Always prepared for any emergency.


Source: 5mpkz5

5. Sometimes five stars aren’t enough to show how awesome something is.


Source: amartinmedia

6. That bird looks more like Jack Nicholson than Jack Nicholson does.


Source: Ummhowaboutno_

7. An Uber driver turned up in Manhattan dressed like this

Admittedly, his 70s look was somewhat ruined by using a 90s Cadillac Fleetwood wagon, but I’d love to get a lift from a guy as stylish as this!


Source: SuperCub

8. Better than using smoke signals


Source: _ryaneccles

9. This Uber driver let his grandkids decorate his car for Halloween.


Source: FuckApathy

10. Uber drivers want to join in the fun of Halloween dress-ups too!


Source: jpbyp

11. Anything to avoid a ticket!


Source: nickbilton

12. Trying to be politically correct in 2017. And still someone will get offended by this…


Source: KommonCnowledge

13. I bet someone’s made him drive around in circles so they can play a bit longer.


Source: Sdizzle12

14. They are on a hiiiighway to hell.


Source: andrewolenski

15. Only in Dubai: a McLaren Uber.


Source: GallowBoob

16. Took a wrong turn and ended up in the middle of the ocean. Can happen to anyone.


Source: decentbirthday

17. When you are drunk and take an unnecessary ride…

…Uber will make sure you remember your brilliance by providing you with a detailed map of your journey.


Source: uhcougars1151

18. This is just cheating!

Using a dog to get all the stars! It’s super effective!


Source: craysounds_

19. This driver’s got it all covered.


Source: nanojefe

20. When you’re a born racer, but you live restricted by a speed limit.


Source: Arnaud_Palmer

21. If you can’t go to nature, make nature come to you.


Source: rvsuvarna

22. Someone got a Christmas card from their Uber driver. How thoughful!


Source: ClaireLBrennan

23. Uber driver means business


Source: nicks1205

24. Uber comes equipped with the latest, people-powered, heating system


Source: AlisonLeiby

25. I see what you did there, Uber driver…


Source: linzzifer
From: boredpanda

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