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Tutorial For a Classic Contouring Makeup


If you are following the latest makeup trend’s you are probably aware that almost every day a new contouring versions are popping up.  Each of them is more exotic and unique. Each season there is new fashion stile that dictates new makeup stiles.   But they all have something common. They are all inspired from the basic contouring technique, and to master each new version we have to remind yourself about the classic.

The most important rule for stunning final result is preparation. Never forget to prepare you facial skin first otherwise your makeup will be ruined. Moisturizer is something that keeps you young and smooths out the skin .  You should always apply it first  and  wait until your skin absorbs it.

Second step should be applying the primer. It protects your skin from blackheads and prevents clogging  in the pores when you apply other cosmetic products.

When you have prepared your skin well you can continue with the contouring. The contour has to be several shades darker than your skin tone and the highlighter several tones lighter. Apply the contour on the top of  your forehead,  he cheekbones and the jawline. Finish with contouring the sides and the tip of your nose.

You should apply the highlighter on the rest of the skin on your face and then use dome-shaped brush to blend.  Then finish your makeup with eyeshadow,  mascara and lipstick.



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