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These People Won Without Even Trying


Doesn’t it feel awesome when you just eliminate your expectations and everything turns out better than you imagined? Well, it’s funny because sometimes things can fall into place without you even trying. So, even if you are not benefiting from it, at least there are others around to basque in the glory of that moment. And, take a picture.

1. Chilling with his new friend

He went from an average Joe to a Disney princess and one with nature.

Reddit | whattheefth

2. Bonding during finals

This is how life-long relationships are made.

Reddit | gracefuego

3. Coordinating their outfits with the venue

It was just meant to be. This is how good it gets for a band that only covers Smash Mouth and Chumbawamba.

Reddit | youmeanddougie

4. This boyfriend wins at life

His girlfriend scoffed at him for putting little effort into the potluck, but hey, guess which tray was finished first?

Reddit | LadyMacDeath

5. Just casually cleaning the snow here

His dismount was on point.


6. This dude towering over all the locals

Just a 30-foot-tall genie enjoying vacation.

Reddit | pixelpoetry

7. Three pals posing for a picture

Look at their name tags.

Reddit | PhilthyMcNastay

8. Sporting a fruity outfit

I enjoy this dude’s fun and vibrant fashion sense. I really do!

Reddit | Winnychan

9. Sourcing the wrong link

This person tried to finish their history project and shop online at the same time.

Reddit | Guatey

10. Attempting an extreme maneuver

Good that this was caught on video, otherwise no one would believe it.

Reddit | albatross49

11. Photobombing this engagement picture

Hoping to sneak back to his hotel room after hard partying.

Reddit | tcjones54

12. Selfies with the dog

This dog already had enough of their selfie-obsessed owner.

Reddit | FunchSlimy

13. Selfies with the cat

This cat is all about selfies with the mama.

Reddit | adagi0

14. Scoring the perfect goal

He won the game and also got back to his brother for finishing all the Fruit Loops.

Reddit | TalonZahn

15. Capturing the beauty of nature

A deer attempting to cross a frozen pond? Breathtaking.


Reddit | joebediah

16. Groom transforming into an owl

She had no idea that she was marrying a guy from the Animorps series.

Reddit | GallowBoob

17. Winning over the crowd unknowingly

I mean, you don’t have to be entirely conscious to be a crowd pleaser.


Reddit | SlimJones123

18. Hanging with her best friend

Nothing to see here, just enjoying some cookies and wine.


Reddit | jagershotzz

19. Man lounging on a beach

I bet this man’s life choices led him to this beautiful moment.


Reddit | MobileTechGuy

20. Dad wearing a green shirt

He knew what he was doing.

Reddit | EmZee53
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