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Tropical Island Full Of Rescue Puppies Begs You To Pack Your Begs Right Now


Would you live in a world made up entirely of dogs? I would, for sure. But, as a matter of fact, dog utopia exists on this planet for real, and it’s on an island full of rescue puppies. Turks & Caicos island of Providenciales should be on your vacation list if you want to spend time on tropic water beaches and see lovely puppies, home to the Potcake Place, the dog rescue charity. Have you packed your bags yet? Paradise puppies island, here we come!


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Potcakes are the dogs commonly found on Providenciales and other Caribbean islands like The Bahamas. Interestingly, they got their cute name from the food left at the bottom of the pot, which would be fed to the local dogs.


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Potcakes grow to be about 45 pounds as adults. These dogs are also smart, loyal, and lovely companions. Just take a look at the pictures and see for yourself! Also, they’re floppy-eared, tongue-wagging adorable. What more can you ask from a dog?

Potcake Place apparently has seemingly endless supplies of the cute little puppies. Probably the most obvious question that follows is, of course, this one: Can you adopt these cuties? Well, of course you can! You just need to be ready for that one, because it’s a great responsibility.

However, if you’re not quite ready to make that leap, you can swing by Potcake Place when you’re in town and take a puppy out to the beach for a good walk. They will love it!


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Adopting a Potcake is free. However, as the organization is a voluntary one, donations are encouraged. Even if you just want to help with their mission, they have a wishlist of things they need that you can bring to the island with you.


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Isn’t this just the best way to plan a vacation?

Here are pictures of owners meeting their dogs for the first time.

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