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20 Things That People Who Were Born Anytime After The ’90s Won’t Understand

20 Things That People Who Were Born Anytime After The 90s Won't Understand

Each decade and each era has its own unique things that are specific to that era, and people that were born the decade after simply won’t understand. From what I’ve been able to see, it seems like one of the best eras to get born and grow up in were the 90s. And those of you who were born in the year 2000 and up, you simply won’t understand all the things that us kids in the 90s had to experience and put up with.

But nevertheless, here’s an effort to explain it to you, with this gallery brought to us by Diply.

1. Scratched CDs were every kid’s nightmare


Source: Remove and Replace

2. Massive CD cases in the glove box were the 90s’ aux cord


Source: Twitter | @iAmPoeticSoul

3. VHS tapes were awesome

But getting them to work properly sometimes was an absolute nightmare!


Source: YouTube | chipotletv

4. This is what would happen to a cassette tape if treated incorrectly


Source: Instagram | @ccsehi

5. There was no such thing as free calls and texting back in the 90s


Source: Twitter | @PhoneLasso

6. Somehow, it was possible

It’s amazing when you think that one smartphone nowadays has these two and tons of other gadgets all combined into one.


Source: Twitter | @beckyyaworski

7. Blockbuster is where you’d go on a Friday night

Rent out a great movie and give it a watch. Night well spent!


Source: Reddit | omgburritos

8. The good old days of an ever-lasting battery

It’s not like these days where you have to charge when you get home every night, and maybe even swap out the battery every month like on some phones…


Source: Twitter | @TrxllStar

9. The good old days of blowing into the cartridge to make it work


Source: Tumblr | littlebirdsme

10. We somehow stuffed one of these things into our pockets as well


Source: Reddit | Pop_Farts

11. Floppy disks were a thing back then

Sure, they’ve become obsolete with almost all optical media disappearing completely, but kids these days will never feel the satisfaction of sliding that big metal bar from one side to another.


Source: Instagram | @youwantnostalgia

12. The Napster controversy


Source: Napster

13. Back in the 90s, there was no such thing as texting!

This is what we did!


Source: Instagram | @hot1005fm

14. Remember the days of trying to impress a girl?

By pulling up to her house with a boombox and playing a lovely song?


Source: Instagram | @djeetyet

15. Untangling these THICK phone cords



16. When you set up your VCR to record and it plays back this


Source: El Robot’s Realm

17. There was no such thing as nav back in the 90s

We had to look at physical and print directions several nights before due to the internet speeds.


Source: Imgur | potatoesgunnapotate

18. MTV was the tits back in the 90s!


19. The joy of opening the kitchen cabinet on a Saturday morning and making yourself French Toast Crunch

So delicious!


Source: Tumblr | nostalgasm

20. This is what we spun back then


Source: Imgur | hunter4461
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