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The Game of Thrones Final Season May Have All Feature Length Episodes

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Game of Thrones has typically been a 10-episode season, but fans have been disappointed to learn that the final season will only have six. It might not be so bad, though, if each episode is feature-length, as hinted by the Game of Thrones’ showrunners. We know that the penultimate season finale will be a record-breaking 81 minutes long, but it seems as if the creators may be looking to continue the trend going into the final season too.



While we obviously can’t know the run-times of Season 8’s episodes until they’ve actually been shot, a conservative estimate would put the entirety of Season 8 at about eight or nine hours long. The HBO fantasy drama will conclude after it’s eighth season in 2018 and though the episode count of six, is fewer than viewers are used to, each episode could be the length of a feature film.


Last weekend, the very first Game of Thrones, Con of Thrones, took place in Nashville, Tennessee, where there was current members of the cast present.

Also present at the inaugural Con of Thrones was Game of Thrones’ sound designer Paula Fairfield who spoke glowingly of the latest season, saying that it will sound amazing.

“It is more fantastical. And I have a feeling that towards the end of this season it’s going to amp up even more so in the finale. I mean, you can’t even imagine where this thing goes this season. There are no words really, and we are responsible for creating the environment where all of this stuff takes place.”


Fairfield revealed that executive producers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are mulling longer episodes for the show’s last hurrah, showing us there’s bound to be plenty of fallout after the events of season six, and we can expect many more twists and turns, battles, love scenes, and some totally shocking death scenes.

Still, that’s way off in the future; we’ve still got eight episodes of season seven to enjoy over the next couple of months. Game of Thrones Season 7 premieres July 16 on HBO.


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