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27 Pieces Of Trivia From The Set Of ‘That ’70s Show’


That ’70s Show was one of the most beloved shows from the late 90s and early noughties with many still wistfully remembering the story of a group of friends growing up in a fictional Wisconsin town in the late 1970s. The show is remembered for its catchy theme song, In the Street, marijuana-smoking scenes and what was considered the first gay kiss on American television. Here are a few more pieces of trivia about the production of this legendary show and the interpersonal relationships behind the scenes.

1. Mila Kunis lied about her age to land the part of Jackie

The age requirement for the role was 18, as producers didn’t want minors. Mila told them she would be 18, but she didn’t say when – luckily, they didn’t ask and the rest is history.


Source: Instagram | @golden_filmz

2. Kurtwood Smith, who played Red Forman, was the only regular cast member actually from Wisconsin

He also based the character off of his stepdad, who passed away before the show aired.


Source: Instagram | @1980s.hysteria

3. Alex Chilton, who co-wrote the theme song, was paid $70 in royalties every time the show aired

The singer-songwriter who sadly died in 2010 once quipped that for him, the show was “That $70 Show.”


4. Camera rotation

To keep a real ’70s aesthetic and show the use of marijuana without actually showing the “puff and pass,” the producers decided to rotate the camera in a circle which became one of the programe’s landmarks.


Source: YouTube | CreatX

5. Topher Grace did not want to do the show anymore

The New York-born actor left after Season 7 to pursue other acting gigs and has distanced himself from other cast members.


Source: Instagram | @dannymasterson

6. Resident hippie Leo took some time off-screen to serve jail time

He spent nine months in prison for shipping bongs off across the country, leaving him written out of Season 5, before rejoining in Season 7!


Source: Tumblr | tirru

7. Laurie’s replacement

Lisa Robin Kelly, who played Eric’s sassy sister, was struggling off-screen, admitting to excessive drinking after dealing with the loss of a baby.



8. Tanya Roberts, who played Donna’s mom, also disappeared later in the series

In real life, her husband became terminally ill and she wanted to devote her time to being with him.



9. Mila reportedly wasn’t a huge fan of her future husband Ashton on the show

The Ukrainian-born once said how he thought he was super cool, and she thought, “Ugh, I don’t like you.”


10. Ashton was Mila’s very first kiss regardless


11. Joseph Gordon-Levitt appeared in only one episode of the show, even though it was supposed to be a recurring role

Ratings showed that audiences were displeased with the first gay kiss to air on North American television, so the Snowden star moved on and never looked back.


Source: Twitter | @kabukigal

12. Laura Prepon confessed that Topher Grace was a bad kisser

Prepon also said how she thought her Orange is the New Black co-star who plays Piper was a better kisser.


13. Joseph Gordon-Levitt was also unimpressed with Topher’s kissing skills

In an interview with The Advocate, Levitt confessed how Topher was “probably one of the worst kissers I’ve ever kissed.”


Source: Instagram | @hitrecordjoe

14. The show was filmed over a total of eight years, even though the show’s timeline was set from 1976–1980


15. The license plate at the end of the opening credits actually showed the year the episode was set in


Source: YouTube | jaqui051

16. Chuck Norris was supposed to be cast as Red Forman

Unfortunately, the karate master was busy filming another show, so he couldn’t take the role.


Source: YouTube | Jamyang Pelsang

17. Jackie is the only cast member who uses first names when addressing other characters

She did call Steven by his last name and nickname, “Hyde.”


18. Donna’s transformation from a redhead to a brunette

Laura Prepon had to dye her hair blonde for a role in the 2006 psychological thriller Karla.


19. Fez says his real name once, but the audience doesn’t hear it because it’s blocked out by the sound of a bell ringing


Source: YouTube | CreatX

20. The smoke in “the circle” was  real and strawberry-scented

Danny confessed that he, Laura, and Ashton would smoke real cigarettes during these scenes, but the smell was masked by the strawberry-scented stage smoke.


21. Topher Grace was discovered while performing in a high school production

He was spotted by the parents of a fellow cast member – Hollywood producers who were attending to watch their kids in the play. They kept in touch when he headed over to university as a freshman the following year when they invited him over to try out for That ’70s Show.


Source: Instagram | @tophergrace

22. Pre-filming ritual

Wilmer Valderrama revealed how before filming each episode, the cast would throw their hands in a circle and think hard about a special word to name the episode. The words would become more and more ridiculous as time went on.

“It was this stupid, stupid stuff but we would basically come up with all these crazy things and have this funny moment together.”


Source:The Motion Pictures

23. Ashton Kutcher was a model before he landed a role on That ’70s Show

Before he got the part of Kelso, he won a modeling contest, flew out to NYC and ended up on Calvin Klein ads! The producers of the show revealed how he stood out because instead of playing Kelso as dumb and stupid, he chose to play him as naïve.


Source: Zimbio

24. Canadian comedian Kevin McDonald got the part of Pastor Dave while walking his dog

Topher Grace stumbled upon him and they got to talking about McDonald’s sketch comedy The Kids In The Hall. After Topher and producer Mark Brazill saw the show, they offered him the role.


Source:That ’70s Wiki

25. The show headed across the pond in 1999 and was made into a British version called Days Like These

The Days Like These characters were identical except their last names. Sadly, only 10 of the 13 episodes actually aired.


Source: YouTube | Anglogirl

26. Some of the episodes in later seasons were named after songs from iconic ’70s bands

All of the titles for Season 5 are Led Zeppelin songs, Season 6 represented The Who, Season 7 paid tribute to The Rolling Stones, and Season 8 was all about Queen.


27. The original title for the show was supposed to reference a song by The Who.

“Teenage Wasteland,” a line from the song Baba O’Riley  couldn’t be used due to copyright issues.


Source: YouTube | DannyBoy

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