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What This Teacher Did To Motivate Her Students Left Us Speechles

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The most tiring time for students is the final exams. In elementary and middle school in particular, kids frequently have to take standard exams based on Common Core Principles.

I guess we all know how stressful these tests can be, especially if you have never taken one before. But, luckily there are still amazing teachers who help them get through.

One amazing teacher is definitely, Chandni Langford. Chandni, is a fifth grade teacher in New Jersey’s Woodbury school system. Her students are prepared to take the standardized tests of New Jersey, called PARCC.

The students were really nervous about it but what Mrs. Langford did was about to change all of that. She decided to leave her students a motivational surprise.

When the students came in to take their exams, they each found something wonderful at their desks. A motivational note, personalized to each student by their thoughtful teacher.

But let’s not forget the two donuts holes given to each kid. Each note was clearly tailored to each child’s learning style or called out to struggles they’ve had with the exam material.

I honestly wish my teachers would be like that. So inspiring and thoughtful. The Woodbury, NJ school system quickly applauded Mrs. Langford for her sweet gesture to encourage her kids. She truly deserved it.

Source:Woodbury City Public School System, tiphero

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