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The Squiggle Lips Might Just Be The Weirdest Beauty Trend Ever


Do you remember the desire you had to make your brows and lips into squiggle shapes? No? Oh, well, me neither, but apparently this is becoming a trend in the beauty world which leaves a strange and questionable place in the internet.


So, before squiggle brows everyone created their own shapes and curves and squiggle patterns but now this has grown legs and crawled down a bit to our mouths. Is it too difficult to imagine? Don’t worry, I understand. Keep scrolling down below to see the eccentric trend in action.

Just earlier this week, this trend found its way into our social feeds and a lot of people don’t know how to feel about it.

Admitting that I am one of those people too.


Source: Instagram | @beautyplusapp

Are you wondering how are people doing this? Thank god that there is no plucking included but they’re shaped with a washable glue.

But still, can you imagine people walking around with eyebrows and lips that look like this all the time?


Source: Instagram | @lishglam

If we all assumed that would be the last of the squiggle makeup trends, we’re wrong again because squiggle lips are following this trend and yeah, we’re being serious.

Indeed, the trend might only be limited to Instagram for now, but still… It’s quite bizarre.


Source: Instagram | @looks_by_lexington

People are also putting their own spin on it by different colors and making them all of their own. This deep shade of purple is awesome by the way. Design by Lisa Frank.


Source: Instagram | @makeupbyalyson

It doesn’t matter if this trend speaks to you or not, one thing is sure though, these will make anyone do a double take.


Source: Instagram | @greta_ag

I think that this would be the last of the squigglies but I can’t make a promise either. What wild and wavy trend could actually be next? A liner? Lashes?

Guys, anything is possible!


Source: Instagram | @greta_ag

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