Couple Sleeping Positions: How To Keep The Spark AND Not Hate Each Other In The Morning


Remember Friends and the one where Ross teaches Chandler how to work his way through sleeping in the same bed with his girlfriend? And then all hell broke loose?

Yeah, that was a good one. Because yup, we all say we love cuddling, but sleeping (actually sleeping) together doesn’t always look as dreamy and magical like it does in a 5 second movie scene introduction. No, it usually involves elbowing your partner, a lot of hair in the face and some very selfish blanket behavior.

No, don’t divorce/break up just yet. Let’s talk sleeping together physics, shall we?

1. Spooning – take care of the hair!

Avoid what happens in the picture on the right and tie your hair in a loose bun. Spooning position will become a lot more enjoyable for both of you and no one will have to spit hair in the morning.



2. Holding – find a position that clicks!

And don’t sweat it if you just can’t stay that way for the whole night. You’ll have plenty of time for cuddling in the morning.


3. Hands and arms – don’t torture each other!

As in, don’t sleep on his arm, don’t put your arm under him or you won’t feel it in the morning, and don’t insist on full contact if it’s not comfortable. Both of you in your own space with just palms touching is just as romantic and heart-warming as you can imagine. Crushing a part of your partner’s body isn’t.




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