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Céline Dion And René Angélil’s Love


Céline Dion is an institution in the music industry. The woman has every textbook bullet-point covered. Hit movie soundtrack? Check. Best-selling albums and top chart singles? Check. Diva look? Check.


For example, she’s known as the best-selling Canadian artist of all tame and this way she made a big name for herself. Below you will see some amazing facts about her, or her relationship with manager and husband René Angélil.

It was a long-lasting love.


A cute picture of the pair.


Céline began everything while she was a teenager and the pair met in  1980, Céline was 12, and René was 38. Her parents sent him a demo of a song she wrote.


In fact, he was so impressed with her, he mortgaged his house to pay for her album. He believed in her. The couple began dating in 1987 and then got engaged in 1991.


Then, they got married in 1994 in a lovely ceremony in Montreal, which was René’s hometown. They renewed their vows in an Orthodox ceremony in Las Vegas in 2000.


There has been one constant person throughout Céline’s career, her loving husband, and manager, René Angélil. Still, there is something else for the couple that might just shock you.


Even though a lot of people were pretty shocked by their 26-year age difference, they proved that it was true love. Sadly, their story came to an end since René has passed away. After a break, she returned to the stage to do what she does best, and that is singing.

Their love is a true inspiration.



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