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15 Tips To Stay Beautiful Using Only Things From Your Pantry


In the chase for perfection, everything is worth it. We’ll try whatever it takes to keep ourselves beautiful and delay the inevitable. So, we’ll buy anything, no matter the price, that promises to keep our skin baby-smooth or make our lips appear more plump and luscious.

Most of the time, we might as well have tossed our money down the drain for all the good it does to spend it on expensive cosmetics. Fortunately, here are alternative solutions that are super simple and easy. Enjoy! Here’s how to:

1. Repair your broken nails

Repair your broken nail with a tea bag

Source: TODAY

Who knew that you could use a tea bag to fix your broken nails? Just cut the tea bag in the shape of your nail, apply some clear polish to secure the teabag cut-out. Another layer of clear polish and you’re good to go!

2. Exfoliate

Exfoliate with pantry staples

Source: www.epilatorhome.com/ via Flickr

You can make your own exfoliator by using only ingredients you have in your pantry! Just mix some baking soda and coconut oil with a bit of warm water. It’s super effective!

3. Create nail art

Turn temporary tattoos into eye-popping nail art

Source: cutepolish

Make your nails appear professionally done by using temporary tattoos. If you are not very good at creating intricate nail designs, this is the solution for you. Don’t forget the top coat of clear polish to give your nails extra shine.

4. Make your breasts firmer

Get firmer breasts with Vaseline

Source: Poznyakov via Shuttershock I Prateek Bahl via Flickr

Before going to sleep, rub some Vaseline on your breasts. Apparently, this method helped some people increase their cup size.

5. Make your own foot bath

Make your own soothing foot bath

Source: macniak via Deposit Photos

If your feet are dry and cracked this is just what you need. Prepare a solution of Listerine, apple cider, and warm water, and soak your feet for about an hour. The results are amazing!

6. Remove dark nail polish

Remove dark nail polish the right way

Source: Glamrs

Removing dark nail polish is really difficult and usually you end up staining the skin around the nail. Luckily, there is a better way. Pour some nail polish remover in a little bowl and soak your finger for 20 seconds. Wipe with a cotton pad, and the nail polish is removed instantly.

7. Create no-heat curls

Create no-heat curls using straws

Source: thehairdad

This is a really simple way to curl your hair if you don’t want to use a curling iron. All you need are some straws and pigtail elastics. Wrap some of your hair around a straw and secure it with an elastic band. Do all your hair like this and go to sleep. You’ll wake up looking like Shirley Temple.

8. Make your eyeliner smudge-proof

Make your eyeliner smudge-proof with translucent powder

Source: Stephanie Lange

It seems there’s just no way to stop the eyeliner from smudging. No matter how carefully we apply it and how satisfied we are with our makeup-applying skills. Wrong! There is a simple way to keep this from happening and it will only take you a minute longer in your morning makeup session. Just apply some translucent powder on your eyelids before using the eye shadow.

9. Stop your polish from chipping

Stop your polish from chipping

Source: Howcast

Tired of chipped nail polish? Don’t worry there are steps you can take to slow down the process. Always use a base coat, and be careful not to confuse it with the top coat! And remember, don’t use cuticle oil or lotion before painting you nails, as this will make it harder for the polish to stick to your nails!

10. Moisturize your skin

Moisturize your skin with roses

Source: POPSUGAR Beauty

Rosewater is a great skincare product. It soothes irritated skin and it makes it glow! If you don’t feel like buying it, you can prepare your own rosewater. All you need is a dozen roses, some distilled water, aloe vera gel and a spray bottle.

11. Banish blackheads

Banish blackheads with eggs

Source: BabamitsANNE

Did you know that egg whites are effective for removing blackheads? Just whisk the egg white lightly and apply it to your face. Cover your face with thin tissue paper and add another layer of egg whites. Leave the mask for thirty minutes then gently wash your face with warm water.

12. Shave your face

Shave your face

Source: Women’s Health

Who said shaving is for men only? It may be a little weird for a woman to shave her face, but this method is used by Hollywood starlets to achieve a perfectly smooth look for the close-up shots.

13. Stop sweat

Stop sweat with hand sanitizer

Source: frankieleon via Flickr

Sometimes you forget to use your deodorant. So, don’t panic if you start noticing an unpleasant odor. Apply some hand sanitizer under your armpits – it will clear away the bacteria causing the unwanted scent.

14. Get super long nails

Get super long nails the natural way

Source: Ela Gale

If you want natural, long, and strong nails, soak you fingers for 15 minutes in a mixture of orange juice and crushed garlic cloves. Afterwards, soak them in olive oil for 5-10 minutes more. For the best results, repeat this procedure twice a week.

15. Make your lashes longer

Warm up your eyelash curler for the longest lashes

Source: Pixabay

Can you make you eyelashes look long and full without gluing on artificial ones? Yes. All you need to do is warm up your eyelash curler before using it. Use a blow dryer on it for about 15-20 seconds, and make sure it’s warm, and not hot, before using it.

Source: tiphero

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