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Three Braided Hairstyles For Short Hair


Since weather is heating up, it will be impossible to leave our hair down all the time. It always comes to the point when you’re like “Okay, I’ve had enough” and take your hair elastic. However, to make sure that you still look amazing, these three hairstyles for short hair are perfect.

Milabu is a YouTuber who’s passion is doing different hairstyles and since she has short hair, almost every tutorial is short-hair-related. She is a life-saver because she proves once again that short-haired girls can also do any hairstyle they want. Below, you’ll see three amazing examples.

1. Half Braided Updo

Pull your hair into one side and on top of them take a section and start making a dutch braid. Take hair from the sides and follow the braid onto the other side of your head, this way creating a crown. Then, secure the hair in the front again with a bobby pin to finish the crown. If you want your look to be more edgy, take your curling iron and make some beachy waves.

short 1

2. Sleek dutch braid

For the next hairstyle, you should have straight hair and then pull it to one side. Take one section to the front and start creating a dutch braid. Once you make your way into your ear then stop right there. Secure the band and you’re done.

short 2

3. Edgy elegant updo

Last but not least is an elegant hairstyle. You start by dividing your hair in three sections. In the middle – make a french braid. With the two other parts on the side do the same thing and in the end combine the hair you have left in the back to create a messy ponytail.

short 3

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