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A Terrifying Moment Of This Enormous Shark Jumping On A Fishing Boat


If Deep Blue Sea taught us anything, is that Samuel L. Jackson has been in a really, really bad film. Also that sharks can be seriously annoying. If annoying means freakishly scary and nightmare material. The underlying message of sharks being nothing than evil bastards prevailed in the 1999 film.

Anyways, the message still rings true and these jawy predators still lurk through the seas and oceans intimidating fisherman and swimmers. At least that’s how we perceive them after Jaws, as the sharks would probably protest if they could, about being seriously misunderstood.

But this fella doesn’t actually seem so misunderstood. It jumped aboard a boat and then wriggled about  at the crew while blood was pouring from its mouth.

Fisherman were caught off guard when the shark called a Mako shark, leaped from the water onto the deck of their vessel. It was filmed off the coast of Long Island in New York. The beast got trapped beneath the guard rail at the bow of the boat.

And that blood in its mouth? Its own. How are you gonna sleep tonight?


The crew didn’t want to lose any limbs, so steered clear of direct contact with it with Captain Don Law tying a rope around its fin and another man keeping its head straight by hooking it with a fishing line. Woah.

The Captain quoted Chief Martin Brody after lowering the Mako back into the waters  “we’re gonna need a bigger boat,” rather than Russell Franklin, who’d presumably say “motherfucker.”


Graeme Pullen who is a shark expert, recently claimed that there is a Great White Shark that’s hunting in the region of popular British beaches. He says that he’s been chasing the killer beast for two years now and hopes that he’ll catch it.

“Make no mistake, this is the big one,” he said. “This is surely Britain’s first Great White – and it’ll be coming back this summer.

“The danger is this shark will eventually stumble across someone in a wetsuit and mistake them for a seal.”

Great White Shark

Pullen even believes that the shark has been sighted on numerous occasions for the last couple of years.

“This is no Basking shark,” he added. “No Porbeagle, Blue or Mako. Others have also given details of their sighting and this is not miles out to sea but close to shore, mostly hunting in the estuaries.”

Time for the Jaws theme now.

Featured Image Credit: Newsflare

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