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Selena’s Best Friend Shows Off Her Scars From Donating A Kidney To Her

These two are so cute.

Recently we found out the real reason that Selena Gomez has been absent the whole summer and it turns out that she has had a pretty difficult time, health wise. She opened up on social media about the kidney transplant she underwent and how her best friend, Francia Raisa donated the kidney to her.

Selena was going to promote new music and be very active during the season but she found out that she needed a kidney transplant due to her condition. Selena has Lupus an auto-immune disease, which means the body can mistake its own tissues for foreign invaders and can attack them.

This is indeed a beautiful act of kindness.

But even though Selena and Francia posted about the journey they went through together, they have still been very private about their lives. The singer is now recovering and hopefully in better condition.


Source: Instagram | @franciaraisa

Recently Francia posted a video of her working out on her Instagram and it was the first post since she had the surgery. She captioned the post:

“Happy to be back.”

Awww! A kidney transplant is a big deal so it’s so nice to see her back on her feet so fast.


Source: Instagram | @franciaraisa

Her surgery left a scar on her stomach and if you pay attention, you can see it. So everytime she looks down, she can be reminded of the sacrifice that she made and the act of love she commited for her best friend, Selena.


Source: Instagram | @franciaraisa

These two girls are just too cute and also friendship goals.

Don’t you guys agree?


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