The Trick Is Revealed: Here Is The Secret Behind The Levitating Performers


No doubt you’ve seen these dudes in cities all over the world, levitating nonchalantly on busy streets as passers-by marvel at their craft. They come in all forms, from yogis to Yodas, but they all have one thing in common. If you don’t want your bubble to be burst I recommend you stop reading now.

Because once you know it, you can’t unknow it and the childlike magic will be lost forever. You will be condemned to wander the streets in any given city, revealing the secrets of the street performers to gape-jawed strangers while the levitating artist curses you from on high.

You have been warned!


So you did not heed the warning!

They appear to defy the laws of physics as they float or levitate in the form of a human statue, resting on a staff.





Unfortunately, physics is not being defied, it’s just a clever use of distraction with a labyrinthine of hidden pieces as a support system underneath the loose costume.



A mat covers the platform on the ground that travels up the stick around the costume, allowing the performer to sit quite comfortably.



To see them set up, you need to get up quite early, but this video shows you the morning routine!


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