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18 Situations And Things That Only Take Place In China


For Westerners, China is a mysterious far-away land that we know little about, except that it is the world’s fastest-growing economy and a place without which our iPhones would never work. An ancient culture with a rich past and exciting future, Chinese society is nevertheless one of contradictions, due to the country’s size, development speed and other social factors. This cares for numerous inexplicable situations that outsiders find difficult to comprehend, but are so entertaining, it’s difficult to look away. Here are 18 occurrences that may be considered everyday in China, but which perplex us immensely.

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1. Taking it up a notch

2. A Chinese woman is trying to get hit by a car – with hilarious results

Source:Fire Fighting

3. That moment when you realize your friends are complete trolls

4. A fire brigade headquarters in China


5. Piggy bank attack!


6. And you always have to blush up to your ears when asking for a fork in a Chinese restaurant


7. Why you need a Guinness world record book when China is one in itself

8. Welcome!


9. On your way to work


10. Never nuke a country twice


11. A glass bridge

Source:News Dhaba

12. This Asian monk giving blessings by striking with a broom

13. A hot Chinese beauty


14. Hilarious translation fails


15. Fraternal twins


16. Original Crocs


17. Chinese brochure distribution

18. Local Beijing cuisine


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