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5 Myths Your Relationship Should Not Be Built On


Sometimes, watching perfect couples in movies can be frustrating since it leads you to a lot of questions about your own relationship with your partner. The unrealistic portrayals of romance might get you unrealistic expectations of how a relationship “should be” and that’s just wrong because no relationship is all perfect.

We might think, “My partner and I don’t do everything together, does that mean we’re not compatible?” or “We argue over who’s going to do the dishes, does that mean we’re not going to last?”

But these 5 relationship myths will show you that life is not perfect and your relationship is not going to be either, but that doesn’t mean it cannot be an incredibly beautiful thing which is often a counterpoint to the banality of life’s everyday banality and therefore worth preserving.

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1. We must always agree with each other

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Not really. Why would you need to agree with anyone, even your partner when you don’t feel like it. There is nothing wrong with saying your opinion and discussing different stances on things – some of the strongest working and romantic relationships have been known to be built on challenging each other’s views.

2. Things should always go right

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Effort plays a big role here. If things haven’t gone that well, it’s not the end of the world: just make sure you put an effort in working toward forgiveness or resolution if you were wrong.

3. We should never fight

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If you never fight, you’re either perfect soulmates that understand each other perfectly, but not standing up for yourself or your attitude sometimes, can mean not caring about a situation, which is not always healthy. Productive discussions are normal, even if they are heated: they show a willingness to make things between you even better. They also show you’re human and get really annoyed if it’s your turn again to wash the dishes.

4. We should have the same interests

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You can both stay individuals while challenging each other and there is no point in sharing every single activity. Having different friend groups, or listening to two completely different music genres is fine.

5. We should always be together

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Everyone needs alone time sometimes and we should respect that about our partner.

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