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16 Rare Times Where Everything Was Right With Society


There are a ton of things wrong with the world nowadays. So much so that times where everything is positive and as it should be are extremely rare to come by. You’re probably more likely to see a unicorn driving a ’60s Ferrari.

But, nevertheless, it does happen, so here are 16 photos that prove there are times where everything is just right with the world.

1. Everyone was cool with him bringing the peacock


Source: Instagram | @course

2. Yep, this person is right

Actual goals.


Source: Instagram | @will_ent

3. Pineapple on pizza is not by any means a good idea

In fact, that happens to be one of those things wrong with the world. French fries is good though.


Source: Instagram | @god.of.appleysauce

4. Should have thought of this when I was younger

Looks like a lot of fun, but does it work?


Source: Instagram | @wot_u_sayin_tho

5. I would go and take a picture with him if I saw him


Source: Instagram | @meme.w0rld

6. This was a great decision

It’s a very gneat decoration!


Source: Instagram | @god.of.appleysauce

7. This probably won’t be enough for me

If this bucket is actually full of chicken, it’ll be empty in minutes!


Source: Instagram | @will_ent

8. Best. Gift. Ever.


Source: Instagram | @memelif3

9. I wish that dad was my dad

Because all dogs in the world deserve to be employee of the week.


Source: Instagram | x@kalesalad

10. French fry bed!

And the fries themselves are cushions! Amazing!


Source: Instagram | @god.of.appleysauce

11. Confirmation that you can get food is the best feeling ever


Source: Instagram | @god.of.appleysauce

12. In that case, it can be forgiven


Source: Instagram | @wot_u_sayin_tho

13. I kinda can see where they’re coming from

This does look amazing but I’ll ruin it within the first 5 seconds.


Source: Instagram | @girlsthinkimfunny

14. Graffiti that sends a message and looks cool


Source: Reddit | JF_112

15. If ducks like this existed…

They’d pass out from yelling at Kylie Jenner.


Source: Instagram | @god.of.appleysauce | Reddit | tango4884

16. It’s good that this was resolved calmly and easily

It could have gone a lot worse.


Source: Instragram | @kalesalad

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