The Queen And Prince William Visited The Victims Of The Grenfell Tower Fire


Following the Grenfell Tower fires that recently happened in the North Kensington area of West London in the UK, the Queen and her son Prince Williams were met with applause when they went to met the victims and survivors of the disaster.

They visited the Westway Sports Centre in White City, that currently provides shelter to those affected by the fires.

The Queen & Prince William Visited The Victims Of The Grenfell Tower Fire 3

UK police have confirmed that well over 30 people have died in the blazing fires. Out of those, 1 of them died in hospital, as confirmed by Metropolitan Police Commander Stuart Cundy.

The Queen & Prince William Visited The Victims Of The Grenfell Tower Fire 8

For those that don’t know, the fire broke out on Wednesday (The 14th of June) around 1 AM BST. Along with those who died, a lot of people have been reported missing.


Check out the videos of The Queen and her son meeting the victims of the fires:

When Prime Minister Theresa May visited Westway yesterday, she stayed for 15 minutes and did not talk to residents, prompting widespread criticism and anger.



The Queen is shown around Westway Sports Centre in West London as she walks next to boxes of donated clothes.

The people affected, the volunteers and everyone involved were thrilled by the Queen’s visit, as she and William were pouring encouragement and words of support. Many of them gave statements about how amazing her visit was to them.

‘It was nice of her to come and speak to people,’ one woman said. ‘It was more than Theresa May has done – she didn’t even speak to anyone.
‘But the anger isn’t with her of the the Queen. The damage has been done. This shouldn’t have been allowed to happen.’

‘She spoke to the families affected and to the workers and volunteers,’ said another.

One of the volunteers said: ‘She asked me about the support we are providing and I told her about the aid and donations and how the community has come together – so much so that we are saying that we don’t need anymore donations.’

On Thursday the Queen paid tribute to the ‘bravery’ of firefighters who battled the fire and praised the ‘incredible generosity’ of volunteers offering their support.


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