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It Seems Like The Queen Won’t Abdicate The Throne To Prince Charles After All


If you have an image of the British royal family in your head where 91-year-old Queen Elizabeth II at one point resigns and goes to feed ducks at a park while Prince Charles who is waiting in the wings suddenly becomes a Regent, this scenario is not likely to happen as insiders from the Buckingham Palace have recently revealed the Queen is not keen to abdicate the throne to her son Prince Charles.


Despite being the world’s longest-serving monarch and aged 91, insiders claim Queen Elizabeth, who has served for over 60 years, is not planning to retire


The ‘source’ has taken time to speak to a reporter about how much the Queen actually enjoys her duties. The news came following another report which has surfaced around the middle of August, claiming Queen Elizabeth was set to abdicate and make Charles king “in all but name”. The Sun reported that if she was still on the throne at the age of 95, Elizabeth will ask for a piece of legislation to grant her eldest son full power to reign while she is alive.


But a statement given to the Sunday Times by an insider seems to have squashed such rumors:

“The Queen has always been so vehement that there will never be a regency unless she was sick to the point of being unable to perform her duties,” the source claims.

“As long as she’s healthy, regardless of her age, I don’t see a regency. Other members of the royal family can just do more.”

The Queen’s husband, Prince Phillip, recently retired from the public eye at the age of 96. The last, and arguably most notable abdication in the history of the royal family happened in 1936 when King Edward VIII abdicated to marry American divorcée, Wallis Simpson, despite an uproar from the British establishment, the governments of the Commonwealth, the Royal Family and the Church of England. It was the first time in history that the British or English crown was surrendered entirely voluntarily, and it seems a second such case won’t be taking place after all.


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