This Russian Designer With A Range Of Patriotic Shirts, Puts Putin On Their Chests


Russian women are upgrading their fashion by being urged to emblazon Vladimir Putin on their chests in revealing patriotic shirts. The designs pledge support for the Kremlin strongman with the election due next year. This initiative if from a youth group named Project Set.

Some of the designs include a love heart which Putin holds in his “hands” while others use a side profile of the president to show admiration for him. To ram home a patriotic message, another design uses a Russian map.


All the fabrics used are Russian and also the garments are made in the country too.

Ilya Sadalskikh, the designer said:

“Putin is a long term famous brand and not just a politician.”


“Just a portrait of the President on a T-shirt is not surprising anymore.

“Many young designers who are working in the field of patriotic fashion are looking for their own unique angle or a fresh idea.”


“We think we have found one. Time and demand will prove if we are right or not.”

Putin is expected to announce another 6-year term as the Russian president after the 2018 election.


These shirts should definitely kick off the campaign with busto!


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