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Video Of This Mom-To-Be And Her Pregnancy Dance Became A Viral Sensation


There are just some cases when you feel like dancing – like when you reach the home stretch of your pregnancy.

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Lindsey Van Hook of Muskegon, Michigan was one of those cases. She is expecting her first child in April of 2017. Her little sister had a great idea during the pregnancy: dance to the song “Baby Momma Dance”.

The duo are clearly having a good time as they dance and lip-sync to the funny song. The video was shared amongst her friends and reached 4,000 views in a short time.

“My little sister was like, ‘Let’s try to make it funny,’” Lindsey said. “I think I got my workout for the whole week in that one video.”

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“It was more to have fun with it, because you can get so miserable in your third trimester, and so uncomfortable,” Lindsey said. “It’s kind of for all the other moms out there, just to be like, here’s some funniness for you.”

Additionally, the expecting mother told LittleThings: “In the video, we had our favorite snacks in the background; some people thought it was a prop, but it totally wasn’t. We were having a movie night the night we made the video. It really made my heart smile seeing that our video made people laugh and hearing people say it was a great way to start out their morning. Overall, this video was just to make people smile and laugh in our mad world!”

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