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Ponytail Brows Are Now A Thing… Or Are They?


Haven’t been on Instagram for the last couple of days (if that’s even possible)? Well, let me tell you that there is a new eyebrow trend, and I don’t even know what to think of it. We’ve had thin, thick, wild, and even tattoo eyebrows, and of course the squiggly ones, but it’s nothing compared to what you are about to witness. Makeup artist Mary Jane (I wonder if her boyfriend is called Peter). posted a picture of her “ponytail” eyebrows, and the reason behind her photo is a powerful one. Before you start doubting your existence on this planet, here is the real story.

OmG wAvYbRoWs and BrAiDeDbRoWs (insert spongebob meme) what about PONYTAIL BROWS WOWWWWWW ______ Gettin real tired of edited brows that get recognition lol its fake (this is not this is my real brow hair) lol

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Mary Jane, who is a talented makeup artist, wanted to post a photoshopped image on her profile. Photoshop? Oh, thank God they aren’t real! Wait a second, I’m thrilled over here, and haven’t even finished the whole story… So, besides the ponytail brows, she has a hidden message with her recently uploaded photo. She uploaded it on September 5, noting that she’s “getting tired of edited brows getting recognition”. Ironically, she decided to make her own eyebrows using Photoshop. A very interesting decision.

This ” trend” that she started is causing a real debate in the comments. Many people also explained how tired they were to see all those crazy trends. One commenter is totally on the same wavelength as her, asking questions such as:  “What eyelashes are you wearing?”

Others were pretty mad. A person with the name neatoqueen said: “you just copied for clickbait and recognition. you’re no better than any of the other people doing it lol regardless of your intention.”

We have yet to see if this actually becomes a trend.

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