Plane Crash Survivor Impresses The Judges With Her Incredible Voice


Imagine if you were one of only two people to survive a plane crash. That’s exactly something you can say about Kechi, a Nigerian native that was one of only two people to survive a major plane crash back in 2005. 107 people were killed in the crash.

To cope with the aftermath of the tragedy, she decided to turn to music to help.


“Lying in the hospital bed, unable to move — music was my escape,” she says. “It did so much for me.”


Four years after the crash, Kechi returned to college and graduated with honors. Ten years after the crash, she had undergone well over 100 surgeries to fix the damage that the crash had done to her skin, and has bravely decided to walk out on the America’s Got Talent stage, where she sang Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud in front of the judges and the audiences.

After Kechi performed her rendition of “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran, not even Simon Cowell could stay in his seat. They did not expect her to sing like that!

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Watch the video at your own risk, as it’s in the corner and the audio echoes with the best attempts to avoid a copyright strike, but it should still drive home how incredible her voice really is.

Source: Balasubramanyam Ummiti

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