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Man Posts A Picture Of His Dog On Facebook, The Police Takes The Dog Away


There is no other dog breed that has been so linked with violence as much as a pit bull. And this has been done incorrectly and falsely, as there are so many instances of pit bulls acting like the sweetest animals in the world, even befriending tiny little kittens. Many people are completely unaware of the fact that pit bulls are wrongly accused of being dangerous and unpredictable. Some dogs can turn violent, but this is true for so many other breeds, too. Pits are just as capable of giving and receiving love as any other breed. Here is an example of a pit bull lover, musician Dan Tillery, who was overjoyed to be able to adopt his own dog. However, his happiness didn’t last long, as people took his puppy away.

Dan Tillery, a musician in Michigan, posted a picture of himself alongside his new adopted dog, Diggy, on Facebook. It was not so long after the police came in front of his doo. Shockinly, they demanded that he turn over his brand-new beloved creature.



This happened because a friend of him saw the picture of Dan and called the police to intervene. They had to do it because, apparently, it is illegal to own a pit bull in Michigan.

But Dan did not give up on him so fast.


He decided to find a loophole in the law and began researching breed-specific legislation. While doing so, he also did some poking around in Diggy’s family tree, which led him to discover something else.

Something quite shocking.


As it turned out, Diggy wasn’t a pit bull at all, but an American bulldog! Dan quickly rushed to the police to reclaim the dog and prove it is totally legal to keep him at home.


Here comes another big surprise. Dan found out that the police weren’t actually allowed to identify dogs themselves, which meant that the officers had done so illegally.


Dan was definitely on the right side of the law. However, the police would still not let the dog go.



After a tiring and frustrating legal process, Diggy was officially determined to be an American bulldog. Then, Diggy reunited with Dan, as they truly belong together.


This story ended up having a happy ending, but it might not have been true for other owners having to give up on their dogs.


Diggy soon became an Internet celebrity.


While he was making dog friends, Diggy’s absolute best friend was Dan.



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