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26 Photos That Illustrate The Insane Luxury Lives Of People In Dubai

26 Photos That Illustrate The Insane Luxury Lives Of People In Dubai

When you think of a country or city that hasn’t heard of the word “modesty” or “cheaper option”, I guarantee that somewhere, high up on that list of countries or cities is Dubai. It seem as if pretty much, every person in Dubai, no matter how you look at it, is living a lush and luxurious life.

If you’re not convinced, then it’s time to take a look at a gallery of photos that show the obscene luxury life of Dubai citizens and just how much they don’t care about spending cash.

1. Do you like your cappuccino?

You do? Then how about a cappuccino with actual 23k gold foam?

2. You drive around town with your puppy in your lap?

Well here, it’s lion cubs!

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3. This lion wants his master’s attention, just like any other house cat


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4. The UAE is famous for it’s expensive cars

But they’re not the only means of transport…


Source: © imgur

5. Gold wrapped Porsche Panamera

The car itself is expensive enough, but look at the license plate…


Source: © imgur

6. This is how much they don’t care about spending

A child scribbled on this person’s $428,000 Lamborghini Huracan, and neither of them probably thought twice about it…


Source: reddit

7. A built-in hotel room aquarium that’s the same height as the wall

Or an underwater hotel? Can you imagine falling asleep with this view?


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8. Airplanes accept all kinds of passengers

Including the passengers’ exotic bird pets!

9. Camel milk… chocolate… exists… there

Yeah if you can’t tell I’m not very keen on this idea.

10. There’s, of course, the Mermaid Show

11. If the mermaid show isn’t your cup of tea

How about donning a jet engine on your back and taking off into the skies?

12. And if you want to go kayaking, by all means, come to Dubai


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13. The urinals in Dubai have touch screens

TOUCH SCREENS. Most urinals I’ve seen can’t even flush properly, and these guys are putting touch screens in them!

#onlyindubai touchscreens at the urinals

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14. How’s about a floating villa on the water?

It’s like a civilized, luxurious little island.

15. Become a big killer whale yourself

16. Records are broken all the time

Here’s, for example, the heaviest golden ring in the world. Was it designed for King Kong’s fingers?

17. Jewelry in Dubai is made of actual, real gold

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18. This Lamborghini is an actual police car

Their whole police fleet is full of exotics!


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19. Imagine chilling in this jacuzzi…


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20. Teeth are either shiny white or gold

21. Starbucks is quite a lot different than any of the ones you’ve seen

22. Taxis have actual PS4’s in the back

So you can be entertained while on your journey.


Source: © of light and shade‏/twitter

23. It’s not just the police that can pull you over here

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24. As you might have been able to guess from the other photos

People here keep tigers as actual pets.


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25. They also have pretty insane vehicles like this


Source:© imgur

26. If you want to be a classy gamer

Here’s a golden PS4.


Source: © reddit
From: imgur, richkidsofdubai/instagram

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