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A Photographer Brings Together Airman And His Pregnant Wife In A Heart-Melting Photo


Being far away from your loved one is the hardest par of being in a relationship. Especially if the woman has to cope with her pregnancy alone. Every year, thousands of military men miss out on the pregnancies of their wives. Sometimes they even miss out on the birth and the early childhood. But that’s how life works sometimes, and it takes great courage for all the family to manage to stay together. Brandon Philips is one of the husbands who just couldn’t be together with his wife Veronica on her special day of pregnancy photo shoot, but one photographer finds a way to bring them together.

Jennifer McMahon, a photographer based out of Miami, managed to bring joy to their photos. Jennifer used Photoshop to allow Brandon to be a part of the maternity shoot.


And now the photoshopped image.


When Veronica got pregnant, Brandon was asked to join the Air Force and was deployed overseas. He could only come back after his child was born. Veronica was very sad, but when the time came for the maternity shoot, she decided she had to make something special for Brandon. She then asked Jennifer, the owner of Jennifer Ariel Photography to make it happen for Brandon to be included in the picture.

As you can see in the picture, Jennifer highlights the separation that military families must deal with.

McCohan shared the photoshopped image on her business profile page, and it has since received 8.6K likes, over 5,000 shares, and almost 400 comments. She is pleasantly surprised to read comments such as: “This may well be the reason photoshop was invented!” and “My husband is also away, missing my second pregnancy and also missed the first. This is beautiful and a great idea, one to keep in mind for my maternity photos.”

Brandon was also happy to see the photo.

He added: “[it’s pictures like this that] give military women a voice…’”

Indeed, Brandon.

Source: Jennifer Ariel Photography

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