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16 People With Very Original Halloween Costumes


Halloween is the best holiday in the year! It’s the one day when you can wear whatever you want and express all of your creativity through your costume. You can just let your imagination run as far as it can and become anything you can think of, at least for a day.

With Halloween just passed, it’s maybe just slightly late for new costume ideas. But it’s never too early to start preparing for next year! Here are some outfits you can use for inspiration, compiled by Diply.

1. HIM

Who wouldn’t want to be a flamboyant and powerful demon, and the king of darkness? HIM is one of the Powerpuff Girls’ main adversaries and strikes fear in the hearts of anyone who dares speak his name!


Source: Imgur | JesusChristSuperstar

2. Meredith

Recreate one of the most iconic moments on The Office with this Meredith’s wardrobe malfunction costume. Sure, it’s unfortunate when it really happens, but like this it’s just hilarious!


Source: Instagram | @officeandrecreation

3. The Grady Twins

“Come play with us, Danny. Forever…and ever…and ever.” Just reading that quote makes one feel shivers down their spine… The Shining has given us lots of unforgettable horrifying quotes and characters, such as the sinister Grady Twins. That’s a great and very spooky idea for a Halloween costume!


Source: Imgur | didscub

4. Grandma

Who said that Halloween costumes had to be of monsters and movie characters? You can use someone you look up to for inspiration, like your grandmother.


Source: Reddit

5. Tina Belcher

“Wore this to the office Halloween costume contest. I did not win,” the original poster of this photo wrote. Seems her colleagues weren’t big fans of Bob’s Burgers.


Source: Reddit | RumWhiskey

6. Arthur

The origin of the fist meme: Arthur from the children’s television series of the same name. This costume works both for Arthur fans and meme fans.


Source: Facebook | Tony Kim

7. Bob Ross

Painting has never been more fun than when it’s Bob Ross teaching you to paint happy little birds and happy little birds. You can be a happy little trick-or-treater with this cute costume!


Source: Reddit | alleitup

8. Galaxy Note 7

Too soon? Maybe this doesn’t seem very amusing to Android fans, but it just shows someone thinking out of the box. That girl is on fire!


Source: Instagram | @whatstaceysaid

9. Rosie

This Rosie costume is a must for all fans of The Jetsons. And it’s really easy to make! All you need is some cardboard, and construction paper, and creativity!


Source: Imgur | hdsmithers

10. Georgie And His Boat

Whatever floats your boat, right? You can’t have Halloween this year without paying homage to It.


Source: Imgur | heisengabe

11. Princess Leia And R2-D2

This grandpa is adorable with his Shop-Vac as R2-D2!


Source: Reddit | moonicourt

12. A Fireplace

At first glance I didn’t even notice it was actually a person pretending to be the fire in the fireplace…


Source: Reddit | 4Bongin

13. Vincent van Gogh

This costume is very impressive indeed. But it seems he has one too many ears…


Source: Imgur | TrevorMicheal

14. Ratatouille

This costume is so good, we need to celebrate it with an inspiring Ratatouille quote: “Good food is like music you can taste, color you can smell. There is excellence all around you. You need only to be aware to stop and savor it.”


Source: Imgur | patchsonic

15. A Stock Photo

This man deserves an award for the most original costume. Picture perfect!


Source: Reddit | afterthesunsets

16. Steve Jobs

It’s uncanny how much this guy looks like Steve Jobs. He must have confused quite a few people at the Apple store.


Source: Reddit | Seany_B
From: diply

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