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15 People Who Got Creative When Things Weren’t Going To Plan


Sometimes, when things aren’t as they should be. you need to get creative and think outside the box. You have to connect the dots and find a good way to transform something from not exactly being how it should to being exactly so.

If you’ve encountered this situation one too many times in your life, let these 15 people give you some advice.

1. Less or more comfy?

Push In The Cushion

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2. Seems reasonable…

 Alarming Logic

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3. This person has some amazing skills

They can write with ketchup! If I tried doing this I’d just smother the paper in ketchup and get a D-!

Do What You Gotta Do

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4. What if the balloon is filled with helium

Is it possible for the chameleon to take off?

Simple Solution To Ridiculous Problem

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5. When you can’t afford a repair but you can afford several flashlights

Call me when this guy racks up his 30th pull over this week.

Bright Idea

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6. When you’re divisive…

Worth A Shot

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7. That’s one way of solving the problem, I suppose

Don't Tweet The Messenger

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8. That’s a good trade-off


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9. Kitty is unimpressed

Make Do

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10. You ain’t going anywhere, buddy

 Crib Arrest

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11. It’s a much easier way of going about it

I suppose you saved like, I don’t know, 3 dollars on a decent pack of candles?

Scented Birthday Wishes

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12. So you don’t have to wash the dishes

Why Do Dishes?

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13. How will Tinder help with that?

That’s what I really want to know.

Great Use Of Tinder

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14. As you wish

Gulping Genius

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15. When you run out of ice, you need to go outside

You probably ought to be careful while drinking them, though.

Ran Out Of Ice

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