This Is How The World Is Seen By People Who Are Colorblind


A lot of people are born with color blindness, and there are plenty of different variations, based on what colors the person may see. Contrary to popular belief, color blindness is not actually being able to see no color at all. Although that kind of variation of the condition exists, a more appropriate name for it is color vision deficiency. Around 0.5% of women (1 in 200) and 8% (1 in 12) men suffer from some form of CVD, according to The number of people that actually suffer from total color blindness and cannot see color at all is only around 0.00003%.

Anyways, in case you’ve been wondering what the world looks like for people that suffer from this condition, check out the photos below, as brought to us by and Bored Panda.

Normal vision

This Is How The World Is Seen By People Who Are Colorblind 1

This is how different colors look to somebody who has normal vision.


This Is How The World Is Seen By People Who Are Colorblind 2

This is the most common type of color blindness. People who suffer from it tend to see a slightly subdued color palette compared to normal, and they hardly notice it.



For these people, shades of green and red seem faded, while blue and yellow tones remain unchanged.



Tritanopia sufferers see the world with a greenish/pink tone, and it affects a very very small proportion of men and women.

Total color blindness

Total color blindness (Monochromacy)

Тhis is the rarest form of color vision deficiency, and people who have it can only see in black and white.

Here are some sample photos and how they are viewed by people with normal color vision and people with CVD.

Pug in a tulip field

#1 Pug In A Tulip Field

Melody Of The Night by Leonid Afremov


Source:Leonid Afremov


#3 Stoplight

Rainbow hair

#4 Rainbow Hair

Source:Not Another Salon

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