Fourteen People Who Showed The Challenges They Were Facing Who’s Boss


Sometimes, life tends to give us lemons. Things tend to go wrong or we can’t surpass something as quickly as we’d want to. In other words, the item we’re facing isn’t going down without us putting up a fight. We face a million challenges every day, some easier than others, and when it comes to challenges, there are usually two types of people:

-Those who go the easy route and find the easiest and most obvious solution

-Those who take the badass approach and find whatever they can and completely obliterate the living crap out of the challenge they’re facing and often times put on a pair of sunglasses and proudly nod their head as if saying “Take that!”

These people were faced with some pretty difficult challenges, and let’s just say that they fall in the latter of the above mentioned categories when it comes to what their approach was like.

1. Gonna take long to inflate now, sucker?

Didn’t think so…

14 People Who Showed The Challenges They Were Facing Who's Boss 1

Source: reddit | WOOTerson

2. This plane still hasn’t been found to this day…

14 People Who Showed The Challenges They Were Facing Who's Boss 2

Source: Imgur | thescottishbear

3. Just combine them together, why not?


Source: Imgur | bearxor

4. Taking road signs literally

Does this mean that when he reads “SCHOOL” on the ped crossing, he goes to school?


Source: Imgur | Glitchraptor

5. What it says on the tin


Source: reddit | djprmf

6. Insert “what it feels like to chew 5 gum” joke here


Source: reddit | AuuD_

7. You guarantee it, eh?


Source: Imgur | crzybone

8. Great Scott!

Did this guy time travel after he went past the radar?


Source: reddit | Quartz_Splinter

9. This city seems to really appreciate cyclists…


Source: reddit | Redheadedshroom

10. “No dude…you can definitely do it in under 10.” “Heck yeah I’ll hold your beer.”


Source: reddit | WutUtalkingBoutWill

11. Classic dad joke


Source: reddit | [deleted]

12. Is this a new sport?

Can you imagine how sweaty and tired the people who play soccer on this field are after they’re finished?


Source: Imgur | radnad

13. Well done, Ferrero


Source: reddit | nomdeweb

14. What’s it doing with its foot?

That’s what I’d like to know.


Source: Imgur | rolfeman02

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