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During The Hurricane, These Parrots Show Up At The Hotel Window For Help


A couple of parrots were spotted taking refuge on a windowsill at the Marriott Hotel in Miami when the hurricane Irma raged around them.


When Laura Aguair was staying with her family in a hotel, she spotted the feathered friends with their beaks pressed against the rain battered window pane. She took a picture of the birds peering longingly into her hotel room and then shared it on the WPLG Local 10 Facebook page.


People all around the world were very touched by the sight of the colorful creatures. But still, many have been anxious to learn the fate of the birds and criticizing Laura for not opening the window to them.

Can someone give an update on these wet & scared parrots in Miami? (If there is one) I’m hoping someone saved them from this storm 💔🐦🐦😰

However, for those who are concerned, these birds are now keeping cosy in a hotel office. The parrots named Paco and Pedro are well known to the hotel staff and in fact are regular guests.

Family spots #parrots seeking shelter from #HurricaneIrma on 22nd floor of #Miami hotel. Photo: Laura Aguiar @ABC #smem #Irma pic.twitter.com/A3TCKpy3Wi

The hotel employees treated the parrots with tasty food onto the roof before taking them to the office. The information was revealed by Jackie-Elcus-Whelan who commented on the post.



But it seems like Pedro and Paco are not the only ones looking for a warm and safe place to rest their wings. The writer, Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan also tweeted a picture of flamingos huddled together next to a washing machine.

“A friend in #Keywest is sheltering some flamingos in his laundry room!”


It is so nice to see these acts of kindness during a time of crisis. Our hearts go with everyone who is dealing with the storm and its damages.


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