After A Mom’s Pic Went Viral, Parents Are Sharing Gross Pictures Of What Their Babies Did


Babies are the cutest things ever and as a lot of people, you might adore their incredibly soft skin, fluffy hair as a puff of a smoke and that ever so incredible newborn smell. Even for those of us without children at the moment, hanging out with them can be often a remarkable experience. Of course, we only have to see babies once in a while and do the simple stuff.


This week, one mother shared a pretty gross picture of something her tot inflicted on her, and suddenly a lot of parents discussed the similar experiences.




Mother Desirae Robles from Texas shared a very unfortunate selfie of her face covered in splatter of cottage cheese(that’s what it looked like). She explained that her daughter Addelina went violently sick over her as she was trying to get her to sleep. She shared the snap on Twitter and the other parents who have been through the same thing shared their pictures too.





One commenter stated: “My kid barfed breastmilk into my mouth and my mom, instead of getting me a towel, couldn’t stop laughing. Then there was that time liquid poo somehow erupted from the top of the back of my sons diaper out of it like a poop volcano. It defied the laws of gravity”!

Well. Like they say, once they kiss you and say mommy, it’s all worth it. Right? Right?!


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