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What Parenting Rules Does The Duchess Of Cambridge Have In Raising Her Children?


You might get all judgemental about celebrities and royal parents having nannies, but the truth is, it is a good thing when you can afford a nanny. Not all the celebrities trust their offspring to a nanny and tell them to do whatever they were taught to do. The Duchess of Cambridge is a real example of dedication as a parent. She has done a remarkable job keeping the royal family looking cute and adorable and well-mannered at the same time. What are some of her parenting rules? Does she have any at all?

Kate has educated herself by reading various literature on how to raise children. She also used online blogs, articles, magazines, and people around her as a resource.


The influence of a book

For instance, she wrote a letter to the author of The Modern Mother’s Handbook: How To Raise A Happy, Healthy, Smart, Disciplined and Interesting Child, Starting From Birth, saying how much she enjoyed the book.


The book was written by an anonymous author who is only named “the modern old fashioned mom”. The author says that there is nothing wrong in seeking additional help when the baby arrives.


This is exactly what Kate did. After giving birth to Prince George, the couple headed back to Bucklebury where Kate’s family resides.


They spent several weeks there where grandma Carole Middleton was taking good care of them. The couple also had a full-time nanny named Maria who takes care of the children when the couple is out at formal duties.


Babies can be unpredictable. Such was the case when George had his first public outing. He was a little frightened of the loud noise at the Royal International Air Tattoo.


What to do when they are scared

What does Kate do? She simply scooped him up and talked to him ‘in a calm, reasonable and understandable tone’ which is exactly what the anonymous author prescribed.


This solved the situation and the prince was off to an adventure at his first public appearance.



In terms of discipline, Kate gives both her children the chance to complete a task “to the count of three,” before they get punished. She considers discipline as something important to start and value at a young age.


Let them be themselves

The author says to ‘set a good example and then stand back and watch.’ Kate did that when she followed behind Princess Charlotte after she pushed out of her arms at a children’s party in British Columbia to go play with the balloons.


Let them learn ownership

The author says that they can’t understand sharing unless they understand possession. So there is nothing wrong with asking someone to give a toy back after they stole it from their hands.



Surround your child with musical instruments. In this way, you’ll see what they are interested in and develop their creativity. You can also buy toys with music and dance with your children.


Embrace their talents and interests

Prince George has so far shown a fondness towards motorcycles, planes, and helicopters, while Princess Charlotte seems to like horses. Use that to deepen their curiosity and get them books or toys that might look like their favorite things.


Don’t force them anything

Don’t force your kids to do things. If you force them to do something they don’t like means you are basically deaf to what your kid is saying to you. It is important to hear what your kid is telling you!


Be polite and thoughtful

Spoiling your kid is very easy, but Prince George is taught to always say ‘thank you’ and to be polite at all times.


Dress them well

The anonymous author believes that a well-dressed child will help in instilling a sense of ‘self-respect and dignity that will last a lifetime.’ Kate is doing that more than anyone for sure!



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