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7 Ways To Distinguish An Original Smartphone From A Fake


The good news is, cellphones have come a long way in the last couple of decades since their first, brick-like incarnations. The bad news is, as smartphones developed in their design, features, and user-friendliness, so did their copies. The differences between an original and its knock-off products are now so minimal in comparison to the past, it becomes more and more difficult to spot fakes.

However, there are several proven ways to spot products from non-brand manufacturers. Read up on the seven details by which you can still distinguish the real deal from the copy.

1. Packaging

One thing you may not pay much attention to but actually should is how the product is packaged. If you’re ordering online, always pay attention to the details and check for any signs of neglect. The real product should be in pristine condition without any visible flaws.


Source: youtube

Fonts on the back of the packaging should be checked for legibility and consistency, as well as double checking to make sure nothing is loose or has been tampered with.


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2. Unboxing

Fake products may be stored in boxes that appear very much like the original. To distinguish them, one thing you should always check for is whether there is text written in a language that is foreign to the country of purchase.


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One clue that a product – especially an iPhone – could be fake is whether it comes in a plastic casing. Original iPhones are never packaged in such a way so this would be a clear sign that the product has been tampered with and isn’t the real deal.


Source: youtube

3. Product material

Top brands are the best because of their attention to details and original products should be smooth and flawless.

Product Material

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Ridges and seams can be a sign that the product you’re buying is a copy. A fake may have a matte surface compared to the smooth shiny surface of original brand name items.


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4. Fonts

One of the most certain ways to identify copies is to check the font which is always typed in very specific styles and colors. If anything is different about the brand name or logo, you are probably dealing with a fake.


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Small differences in coloring and sizing should not be ignored. The real product would never alter even the tiniest details about its appearance without announcing a design change, so if there is something different do not fall for it.


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Make sure to double check the writing on the charger as well. In the example above, you can see that the logo is skewed, and there are additional symbols that are not present on the original. Also, make sure to check where the product was made.


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5. Cords

Unless the company has announced it, there won’t be any changes made to the style or design of the charging outlets.


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Knock-offs might feature a slightly different cord designed to mimic the original. You can test this by trying your charger on an authentic device and seeing if it fits.


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6. Cuts

In this comparison between an original and a fake iPhone 6, you can see that the cut is slightly different. On the real phone on top, the cut is smooth and seamless, while the copy has a thick outline.


Source: youtube

7. Screen

YouTube user Unbox Therapy noticed that the camera light is much more visible on the fake phone on the right as well as being slightly lighter in color. Once the phone was turned on, he also noticed that the response time was slower and the screen dimmer on the copy.


Source: youtube

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