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Bring Order To The Chaos With These Clever Life Hacks


In today’s consumers’ world, people just buy and buy more stuff. Throwing things out is much more difficult, however, and since the influx of recently purchased items never abates, we always seem to be running short on storage space. Which is why it’s so important to carefully organize the little room we do have at our disposal.

Not only will you save space, but by keeping everything neat and orderly, you will also make your life much easier. You will always know where to find whatever it is that you need, and your place will look wonderful! Here is a list, courtesy of Diply, of 19 life hacks to employ if you want to bring order to the chaos of your home.

1. Cables

Cables are always so messy. It’s unbelievable how easily they get tangled all on their own! To prevent this, you can use Command Hooks. Hang your cables neatly instead of throwing them in the drawer.


Source: Wow Amazing

2. Shoes

There is no such thing as too many shoes. Sadly, there is such a thing as not enough space. Just use a wine box to store all your lovely shoes in.


Source: Fashion Diva Design | Kitty & Kevin

3. Bric-a-brac

It’s the smallest things that somehow end up taking the most space. Get yourself a tackle box and start sorting!


Source: Marketium

4. Stuffed animals

You have too many stuffed animals cluttering your floor? Build a zoo for them using a bungee cord. It’s much cheaper than buying a toy chest and it looks very nice too!


Source: The Giggle Garden

5. Remote controls

I hate it so much when the remote decides to go for a walk somewhere in the depths of the couch, and I bet you do too. To make this stop, just use some velcro and stick the remote to the table.


Source: Thirstt

6. Cards

Love me some card games. But cards like to mingle and make friends, so they often end up in the wrong deck. What you can do to avoid this is to organize them in boxes. Put each deck in its own box, and you’ll never have to search for that missing card again.


Source: I love… my girls cooking coffee running

7. Towels

Organise your towels by using hooks instead of bars. The hooks take up less space and look much tidier. An added bonus is that you don’t have to spend those precious extra seconds making sure the towel hangs straight on the bar.


Source: Harvard Homemaker

8. Gift Cards

Everywhere you turn there is a gift card. In your wallet, in your purse, on the counter, by the TV… And whenever you need a specific one, you have to search each and every possible location. Put an end to this mayhem: use a key ring to organise your cards.


Source: Cooking at Cafe D

9. DVDs

If you are a movie buff, or a gamer, then you must have a huge collection of DVDs. You can save some space, and make sure all your movies and/or games are visible and within easy reach if you use shelf risers. This is a whole ‘nother level of neat.


Source: IKEA Hackers

10. Cosmetic Implements

Attach all your metal cosmetic tools on a magnetic strip in your bathroom. Never again dig through the deepest reaches of your bag to find the tweezers or nail clippers. And it’s a great solution for the bobby pins strewn around everywhere.


Source: darkroom and dearly

11. Power Bar

Power bars and cables are not what you would call easy on the eyes. So hide them inside your nightstand!


Source: reddit | [deleted]

12. Keurig cups

Don’t just pile your Keurig cups on your counter. Store them in egg cartons. This way it’s easy to see what you have, and the carton provides them with greater stability, so they are not likely to fall over.


Source: The Joyful Organizer

13. Mail

Store your mail in a little mailbox hung on the side of the counter and your problems with the piles of envelopes everywhere will disappear.


Source: Tumblr | thetidycorner

14. Toothbrushes

If you’re sick of having your toothbrushes lying haphazardly on the counter, then this is the solution you’ve been looking for. Use a silverware organiser to keep your family’s toothbrushes in order.


Source: Little Penelope Lane

15. Cords

This is another solution for all those unsightly cords. Use a peg board and zip ties to attach your computer cables to the underside of your desk. An even better solution is to use Velcro, just in case you ever need to make some changes.


Source: reddit | ceramic_cup

16. Closets

Hangers take up way too much space in your closet. A simpler alternative is to use shower curtain hooks instead. You can use them for bags, belts, or ties.


Source: Imgur

17. Bed Linens

The best way to store your bed sheets is to fold them and put them inside the matching pillow case. Very neat!


Source: Martha Stewart

18. Earrings

It’s so difficult to find that second earring in the morning, isn’t it? Not if you store them in an ice cube tray!



19. Plastic Bags

We all have The Bag, don’t we? That one bag stuffed full with millions of other bags? I never knew this, but apparently there is a better way to store your bags. Shocking! All you have to do is fold them in little triangles. There! So much space saved!


Source: Instructable | allekob
From: diply

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