Aunty Kendall Gave North West The Most Creative Gift For Her Birthday

(Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images)

Earlier this month, North West turned 4-years-old and if the birthday presents were competing against each other, one definitely stood out among the rest.



The little cutie probably got a bunch of gifts but mom Kim Kardashian decided that Aunty Kendall’s deserved to be shared with the world.

Since they have a lot of money, instead of something very expensive, Kendall got her a science book and packed individual ingredient bags for her favorite experiments such as slime.



The gift was so special and other people agreed with Kim too. Kendall’s gift was beyond creative.

Others even felt inspired by Aunt Kenny’s present.

And of course that we have the ones that always have to say something.

Regardless of the negativity, I’m pretty sure that North loved it. Never change, Aunty Kendall. 💗💗


Source:Kevin Mazur / Getty Images

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