A Nintendo Theme Park Is Under Construction And We Couldn’t Be More Excited


Nintendo consoles and games were the mecca of 80s kids’ childhoods. Now, with the launch of the latest Switch console and with some pretty good-looking games coming out for it, it seems that Nintendo is finally breaking free of the rut they were stuck in for such a long time, and more importantly, they seem to be coming back to make the childhood of the new generation, just like they did for the old generation.

And now, Nintendo is taking this whole scheme to a whole new level, as various people have been sharing on social media what seems to be a Nintendo theme park currently under construction.

A Nintendo Theme Park Is Under Construction And We Couldn't Be More Excited 1

Yep, Universal Studios Japan is currently working on a Nintendo theme park, and what better way to start it off than a Mario theme!

Here’s a tweet showcasing the park under construction, complete with bricks, appropriate terrain, piranha plants and pipes!

A Nintendo Theme Park Is Under Construction And We Couldn't Be More Excited 2

It has been reported that the theme park, a collaboration between Nintendo and Universal Parks, will see construction in three locations; Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal Studios Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Japan, while the photos revealed in the fan’s tweets are thought to be part of the Universal Studios Japan construction.


I don’t know about you guys, but I am very excited to see a Nintendo theme park. A lot of major brands have done it before: The Cars and Avatar expansions in Disney World, the Ferrari theme park in Abu Dhabi and so much more. Nintendo was the only one that hadn’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, and we are definitely excited to see what stems from this project.


So far, there’s not much comment from Nintendo about when the parks will be finished, what rides and attractions they’ll have or the size, all we know is that it exists and it’s being worked on.

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